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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Dundee Flower Food and Mud Festival

This was our new bestseller at the Dundee Flower and Food Show - courtesy of our friends at Sprint Design. If you're a Dundonian you'll recognise the sayings - if you're from anywhere else it'll seem like gobbledy gook. But I grew up in Dundee so .... My favourite saying is "Eh e' i' a'" meaning "I ate it all"!
It was a welly weekend.

A month's rain fell in 24 hours over Eastern Scotland on Thursday and Friday causing floods and chaos and the cancellation of the first day of the Flower Show.

No wonder. We battled through floods and torrents to travel the 25 miles or so to Dundee only to be turned away again and told to come back on Saturday.

Thankfully it stopped raining and although the going underfoot was pretty bad, Dundee folk turned out in their droves to support the show on Saturday and Sunday.

Mind you it makes setting up the stand quite a challenge. There was just as much mud in the marquee as outside, so anything accidentally dropped was instantly mucky.

I haven't unpacked the van yet but I think there will be a lot of washing and cleaning needed. Lovely.

We've got a bit of a breather now before the next Craft Fair - it's the Autumn Trade Show next, 27/28 Sept in Stirling - not open to the public but where we showcase our Christmas range for our trade customers.

So Christmas will be in full swing from this coming week as we try to stock up on cards ahead of the Trade Fair.

Hoping to have a wee holiday somewhere amongst it all too.

Last year we had an Autumn break in New York, this year hopefully Venice. That's something to look forward to.

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