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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Peru, not Scotland

So, what's been happening at the cottage industry since I last blogged? Truthfully not a lot apart from work, work, work.
It's been a case of head down and get on with it, as we're galloping towards Christmas and our stockists have been clamouring for their seasonal orders.
I got a bit behind myself this year due to a busy summer - we didn't get much of a chance to forward plan so I've been doing a day shift and a night shift for the past few weeks.
However, we got our new Christmas card designs made up in time for last weekend's Trade Fair in Stirling, just. And came home yesterday with a healthy order book, all requests for delivery ASAP of course!
I'll post pictures of the new cards in the next blog but meantime to liven up this one, here are some amazing photos of the Andes in Peru, courtesy of daughter Laura and son in law Greg, who are currently trekking down from Quito in Ecuador to Santiago in (er ..somewhere).
This is our wee lassie.
And look at the colour here. It's true to life too - mineral rich water in the glaciers I believe.
One of the majestic peaks. Kinda dwarfs Ben Nevis.

Laura and Greg- the intrepid explorers.

And that peak again.
Just one or two of the thousands - no exaggeration - of photos on their flickr
page. They're only a month or so into their world tour, so God knows how many photos they'll finally have! Laura has been blogging a diary here
and it's very interesting. It makes you feel as if you're taking part too, without the aching muscles.
We've talked on Skype quite regularly and they are well and having a great time.
So it's back to work after another frustrating printer-less day. I won't bore you with the details - suffice to say I've had the opportunity to vent my anger in phone calls today - first of all to the company we bought it from and then to the carrier who was SUPPOSED to deliver it today. It's becoming a farce but not a funny one, as it seriously hinders our progress.
C'est la vie.

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