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Saturday, 16 January 2010

January Update

Well I did say I was going to be busy being creative and forging paths in new directions...... and I have been making some progress.
I don't have anything photographed unfortunately because the light has been so bad the past few days. So dark that the sensor has been putting on the outside security lights at midday. It's quite depressing after the lightness of the snowy weather, but I'm still glad the snow has gone.
I'm not someone who is affected by the short dark days, thankfully. It's an excuse to shut out the world and get absorbed in work under my bright anglepoise lamp.
Firstly the textile designs from the last post - they've been tweaked and shunted around on the computer, cropped, repeated, colour changed, faded, blurred....printed on various sizes of card, embellished and painted. Much of it has been trashed, but that's OK as it's a process of elimination or distillation, until I get a result I'm happy with.
OK I've just taken a photo of a pile of little cards ( gift card size) that I made up mainly as colour samples.

There are actually about 30 of them in different colours.
The larger ones are still works in progress and won't be photographed until finished.
The other project this week has been to prepare a batch of new designs for the Trade Show coming up next week.
Usually we introduce half a dozen or so new card designs, but this year I felt we should freshen up a lot of the ranges, so we've been busy.
Again, it's still under wraps. Not intentionally secretive, just waiting until they are finalised.
We've invested in new display equipment for the show too, which was long overdue, and I'm really quite excited about setting it up next Saturday. For so many years we've made do with homemade shelving systems which are getting pretty tatty now and do nothing to enhance the visual display.
I think all that is part and parcel of the new direction idea.
Anyway, it's back to work now. Bob is making the meal tonight - something from his Italian cook book that involves potatoes, bacon, onion, cheese and by the smell from the kitchen, lots of butter! Not good for the dieter, but who cares? Dark days need comfort food.
I'll leave you with an image from this wonderful blog of the most amazing photos of Scotland taken at dawn or dusk.

The link to the blog is always on the right hand side here, and is well worth a regular visit. This image was taken by ruairidhsollas and I hope he doesn't mind my posting it here.
Till next time.



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