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Saturday, 30 January 2010

February's Nearly Here

A short month, sandwiched between Winter and Spring.
For us, it's about production - forcing ourselves to crank up the pace in readiness for the busy times of Summer and Autumn.
We've got the Trade Show orders in the bag, the stock drawers are full, and we are fighting this sense that we are up to date  - with nothing to do.
Silly and short sighted. One juicy order and the stock is halved.
So we've cleared out more stock space and started to fill that too. Bob is in charge of stock control. (That makes it sound important!).
He is forging ahead with his workload - I'm faffing around with the many and various other tasks, as usual getting nowhere fast.
I'm focussing my attention on the website at the moment. So much needs updating, and it all takes time.
But this is the ideal time, start of a new season, to springclean and freshen it up.
February is also about Valentine's of course, and as card makers we can't ignore that.
We've gone through thousands of red envelopes this past month, and most of our shop orders are out.
February 14th will see the two of us at the O2 in London in the company of Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. Great Valentine's weekend to look forward to.Talking of Valentine's Day........

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