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Wednesday, 10 June 2009


That sounds ominous but it's not really.
I was gently chastised today for not updating this blog for a week. Sorry.
I did actually post a piece on Sunday about our family weekend, which if you were quick you might even have read. It was online for an hour before I thought better of it and took it down.
You see I originally intended this blog to be a companion to the website, where I would highlight new designs and products and other bits of interest about the business.
It's a bit presumptuous of me to think that anyone would be remotely interested in what we as a family were doing with our weekend.
So anyway, not much happened in our business world over the weekend because.....we had a family weekend!
It's rare for us to take a day off let alone a weekend but this was special as it was our daughter Laura's birthday and possibly the last time we'll see her before she goes off on a world trip for the next year.
We had a wonderful time with close family and managed a walk along the beach - and in Laura's case a paddle - on Sunday before they all flew away to their respective homes around the country.

Three wee figures heading home.
I grabbed a couple of hours to potter in the garden with the cat for company, while Bob took everyone back to the airport on Sunday afternoon. The house seemed too quiet.

The sun came out and I had to capture a few of the beauties that make June the best month in our garden.

The next post will be back on track with the business I hope, with news about our updated website and the preparations for the Highland Show.
Although if the weather's nice we might just have another couple of days off this weekend! I could get used to it.

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