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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Singin' in the rain

I'm si..i..i..ngin' in the rain!
Lucky for you I'm not really.
The thing is I've just become aware that bad weather = busy workshop.
Yesterday and today we've had hurricanes that lasted five minutes, downpours that lasted ten minutes and a little bit of sunshine in between. But just when I assumed no-one would venture up the farm road in such horrible weather, they did. More visitors in one day than we've had for ages.
The farm shop of course is bursting at the seams as usual, especially with the strawberry season started and it looks like we're getting some of the run off.
It's lucky that I've just taken delivery of some beautiful bits and pieces of embroidery from JB Textiles. They make very affordable embroidered gifts such as cute little jewellery purses and
pot pourri bags and are very popular with our older customers who really appreciate pretty things.
My criteria when searching for products to sell alongside our own is that they are in the most case embroidered or textile based and that they are made to a very high quality.
We've stocked this range of embroidery for a few years now and each year there are new collections to choose from.
Barbara (friend and helper) was here today, it being a Thursday, and brought with her a new batch of her own spicy mats - sets of two handmade fabric coasters which have a hidden spice sachet in them. A wonderful aroma is released when a hot mug is placed on the coaster.
What with the candles, soap and spicy mats our shop is a nose delight.
I could only find a photo of the tartan spicy mats but as Barbara is as much of a fabric fiend as me, there are loads of different designs to choose from.
The downside of being busy with customers is that I don't get through as much work in the day as I should. So of course once the shop closes for the day the proper work begins and this is pretty much the pattern for the whole of the summer- hence the reason we had our weekend off to charge up the batteries.
If Janet from Ewe & Me in Grantown on Spey or Marion from Bailiwick in Troon are reading this and wondering what's happened to their orders for cards, don't worry girls they are being packed up at this moment and will be with you very soon!
I wonder if I should hope for more rain tomorrow?

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