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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Father's Day and Graduation

I'm having a wee break at the moment - kettle's boiling for my cuppa and I'm trying to persuade myself that I really don't need anything to eat with it, probably unsuccessfully.
I think I'll do a late night tonight to get ahead of myself before tomorrow. Lots to do you see.
The Highland Show is only two or three days away, and just to be boringly predictable we're not organised at all.
Ho hum.
But we'll get there in the end - we always do.
Today of course was Father's Day and the father in this house was treated to a big steak for tea. I can't believe I didn't manage to get the Father's Day cards on to the website this year, sorry. There were too many orders from the shops we supply and we didn't even have many to spare for our own shop.
The other event at this time of year is of course Graduation. There has been a run on cards for that too and we're busy keeping up with it.
Anyway this is just a quick post because I must get on with some more work - packing some orders next.
PS I haven't had anything to eat with my cuppa - yet.

PPS I wish I still had a Dad to say Happy Father's Day to.

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  1. I echo your wish Marion. Your cards are lovely.



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