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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I'm Still Here!

Just to say I haven't gone away. I'm simply trying to catch up with myself after the turmoil of last weekend. That was the first craft fair of the season at Gardening Scotland, and Perth Art Fair at the same time, so we were gluttons for punishment. And I think we're getting too old for this caper of packing and unpacking the van 8 times in three days!!!
Gardening Scotland was of course like the rest of the UK basking in sunshine and there seemed to be record crowds. It was a bit of an ordeal for the public in our sauna of a marquee, but my big electric fan helped to keep them cool at our stand.
Bob did the Perth Art Fair which was out of doors, so much more pleasant and again attracted good numbers of visitors.
If only we could be guaranteed weather like that in Scotland every weekend.
The unpacking on Monday was horrendous and took all day and evening, nearly - we took a couple of hours off for a swim. But the shop is looking spick and span now as it got a tidy up and sort out at the same time, and is all set for summer.

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