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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Gardening Scotland

The first Craft Fair of the year is upon us. We were over in Edinburgh today setting up the stand - a love/hate job, meaning I love a well organised build up where everything goes swimmingly and the stand comes together well. And at the same time I hate the stress of multi tasking and remembering all the little things which, if forgotten can totally ruin the whole show. Like the time I forgot all the hooks to hang pictures and broke all my nails trying to bend paper clips into hook shapes. Or the time I forgot the cloths to cover the tables, or when I forgot the paint to personalise the cards and Bob had to be summoned from home fifty miles away.
There are many more disaster stories over the 21 years of Craft Fairs - daughter locking the keys in the car, breaking down on the way home and worse still on the way there..... I could go on. These are the stuff of my recurring nightmares.
Still, the weather forecast is good for the weekend, the stand is well stocked and it's one of my favourite venues mainly because I could (and invariably do) spend a fortune at all the different plant stalls. Last year it was the Meconopsis. I wonder what will tempt me this year?
Anyway, it's getting late and there are still one or two little tasks to do before bed - price tags to make etc.
Bob will be on duty behind the stand tomorrow and I'll be at home making more stock for Saturday, when it's my turn, and then we will both be there on Sunday which is when I get the chance to look round the show and spend the profits.
And if you are at the Art on the River market in Perth on Saturday, you will also see us there, or Bob anyway. Because we don't do things by halves, not us. Why stop at one major event on a weekend when you can make life even more stressed out by doing two?
Our trusty friend and work horse, the printer has decided to have an inkjet printhead cartridge nervous breakdown - no stamina that one - and chooses the worst times to print white lines through everything. I can guarantee it will suddenly recover and work perfectly as soon as the rush is over.
If you're visiting Gardening Scotland, don't forget to check out the Craft Marquee. There is some wonderful work on display.
I'll try to get some photos done on Saturday.

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