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Saturday, 16 May 2009

A few more pictures to look at

A while ago I posted on this blog a collection of embroidered pieces I did in a former life, mainly as a point of reference to help me get back into that way of working. It's been a while since I had the time, and space in my head, to concentrate on embroidery for pleasure, but if I can now, I will.
Since I started this blog, I've been introduced to many extremely talented people from all over the world, who regularly amaze me with the amount of work they produce and share through their own blogs. Very inspiring and humbling.Today I've added a few more examples ( and there's more to come!) of my embroidered textile pieces. These were done when I was a stay at home Mum with small children and the business was still a number of years away. If I say the small children are now 28 and 25, you'll understand how long ago that was. Like the ones before, these are mainly based on freestyle canvaswork which is cut out and appliqued to a different background. Hand stitchery is added to soften the edges. In fact they are all hand done. I prefer the immediacy of working that way.

I believe now, I need to move off in a different direction, but it's good to go back to where I left off and resume the journey from there. Looking at these pictures , there is a need for simplicity I think. Too much is happening in them.
Hundreds of french knots, bullion Knots, velvet stitch, couched yarns all tumbling over each other and fighting for space. Interesting maybe that the top piece was the latest one of this group, and you can see there is already a movement towards smoother surfaces with just a small amount of restrained texture.
Once more the photos are not good, I'm afraid. This was long before digital cameras, remember!

It would be great to see these old friends again - it's been so long since they were in my possession. But they are all sold and spread around the country and all I have are these pictures. Aw, that sounds sad, but it's not meant to be. I was pleased and flattered at the time when they sold. ( And glad of the money).
The one below is my favourite of this group. Mainly for the colour I think. I would have been happy to hold on to it. So maybe this is where I should start from now. What do you think?


  1. wow Marion, those are beautiful

  2. Hey there!! Just answered your hello on my blog but thought that I'd come round to see what you were up to,(in blogland fo course!!). Great to see your canvaswork pieces again. Funnily enough I've just been doing some canvaswork with my class and using some of the work I did in your class as examples. mmm, that was a while ago!!!, but fun, see ya :o)

  3. You are so talented. These are gorgeous. I especially like the first and last items. I completely sympathise with your feelings on moving off in a different direction. I'm looking at both of my businesses in the same way at the moment. Good luck with yours.



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