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Friday, 1 May 2009

What a swine! Is it flu?

Joking really. I've got a (very) slight sore throat today and a number of ominous aches and pains that could be heralding the onset of a cold. The neck glands are puffing up too but I think that might mean they're working hard to beat the bad guys, those pesky viruses. If I've got enough of an immune system on the go I might go to bed tonight and wake up feeling fine tomorrow.
You don't have time for a cold when you're self employed.
Then again, I was exposed to a bit of coughing and spluttering by my neighbour at Aviemore, followed by two (self inflicted) nights of hardly any sleep which usually lowers my defences. Nobody to blame but myself.
So I'm off to bed with a Lemsip.
But..before I go or at least while the kettle's boiling.... damn, forgotten what I was going to say - brain's affected now - BED!!!!

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