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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Pretty in Pink

This is a photo from a post of a couple of days ago which I deleted (see below).
It's a whole set of goodies for a new baby girl, ordered by a lovely customer who does this every time she buys for a new baby. Card for grandparents, card for parents, keepsake box and name plaque.
On to boring stuff, and too technical for me, but I've noticed a problem over the past day or so when I load this old blog of mine. You might find this too - when you load the blog page, a window pops up saying that the page can't be opened and Operation aborted. I was slightly worried and deleted a recent post ( Pretty in Pink) because I thought that might be the problem, which was silly.
Anyway, " I'm currently working to rectify the situation" as they say, and have identified it as a problem peculiar to Internet Explorer and nothing to be concerned about - just a nuisance.
The immediate answer seems to be to open the blog in a different browser eg Firefox. No problem there.
But if you only have Internet Explorer and you get a window popping up saying Operation Aborted, don't panic. Just refresh the page and it should be fine.
Meanwhile I'm doing a crash course in Computer Gobbledygook to try to fix it.

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