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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Hello, Goodbye (or rather Goodnight)

Here we are, late night blog again. Not going to say much tonight - first day back after the holiday weekend and I spend three hours at the hairdressers this morning. That's a good way to start the week. Bob soldiered on manfully while I was reading "Hello" magazine and getting my colour done. I did make up for it though and caught up with the website orders tonight. A couple of wattery pictures ( not a spelling mistake, just say it with a Scottish accent) taken on our usual morning walk. These little waves with the sun reflecting off them remind me so much of happy childhood splashing. Not quite warm enough yet to roll up the jeans and expose the white ankles, soon though.
Ther's a lot to do tomorrow so I must get some beauty sleep. Wednesday is going to be the new Thursday this week, which will confuse me even further. Now how do I keep my new hairdo from getting all messed in bed? And no, I'm not going to wear a hairnet. I'll do what Dusty Springfield did and sleep sitting up. Goodnight.

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