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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Dear Diary

Well what can I say about today? It's Tuesday but it felt like Wednesday. It rained, but not quite so much as yesterday.
I spend Tuesday mornings shopping with my Mum while Bob mans the shop. Usually it's as quick as we can get round the Co-op and home again, but today I noticed the Thrift Shop was running in the local church hall. It's a good source of fabrics in the form of old clothes and the prices are CHEAP. Today I found a cotton shirt in the brightest magenta pink which, when washed, ironed and cut up will make a good solid colour for the patchwork cards. Not bad for 50p. There was also a gold coloured cotton smock top shot through with gold thread, again ideal for patchwork cards and finally a pair of hideous men's shorts in a useful country check which believe it or not is destined for WEDDING cards. I kid you not!
The other news is I'm one stage nearer to overhauling the website, mainly because two more shop orders have reached the pack'n' dispatch department. My To Do list has had "website update" at the top of the pile for a few days now and all I need is an afternoon free, some sunny weather ( for photographs) and it will be done. I promise you.

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