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Monday, 4 May 2009

Big secret - not telling!

Well it's a secret, not all that big, and I WILL tell ...soon.
No pictures to liven things up tonight, so I won't rabbit on.
The bank holiday weekend is drawing to a close, and selfishly I'm glad. What - no post (that's Royal Mail type post), no customers (we're closed), no orders, no phone calls...everyone's on holiday!
And we're selfish because we like to work when everyone's on holiday and take a holiday when everyone's at work. I can't be bothered with busy roads and full car parks, and traffic jams and queues.......
Stay at home and work!
We did do the usual Monday thing and went for a swim this morning, tempting though it was to whine that I had a cold so I could have a look round the shops while the old bagger (new nickname for Bob, quite apt) was swimming. But no, willpower prevailed and I made the effort. The pool was quiet so that was good. Time was, it would have been bustling with kids and families because the schools were off, but I guess the kids were all still in bed!
I did my usual 40 lengths to Bob's 50. No matter how hard I try I never manage to close the gap. But I did finally discover how to use my legs when swimming. It's only taken 40 years. I usually drag them through the water like a pair of tree trunks and do all the work with my arms, but somehow I worked it out how to kick them, and it made travelling through the water easier and my arms were grateful.
Not a great deal else to say tonight - 15 metres of fabric prepared for the laser cutter, 4 orders packed for the carrier and back in business along with everyone else tomorrow. Phew.

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