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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Hearts anyone?

Here is my next collection of random pics from around the shop. This time I've concentrated on hearts. It was never my intention to have so many - they just grew - and this is just a taster. There are lots more lurking in card designs, on the front of albums, in pictures etc.
The first three ( cut off photos, sorry) are polka dot wooden hearts. Very popular at only £2.00 each.
The lilac heart is a detail from one of my wedding triple pictures -
Then there is a little punched metal bird with a red wooden heart-
A pair of ceramic heart earrings -
A white metal heart - part of a string of three -
Two lavender filled patchwork hearts -
Little painted hearts in the middle of my tartan patchwork cards -
Two heart cards from the wedding Keepsake range -
More wooden hearts but this time with fantastic retro painted patterns -
And finally a button heart which is found on the front of a keepsake memory box.

It's Sunday today. We've had our walk along the beach to visit Mum and my sister and family who are here for the weekend. I've now changed into my slobbiest old clothes and we're not going anywhere else today. The shop's shut and I'm going to enjoy the peace. I've got a pile of work to do for orders but it's very enjoyable when there are no interruptions. The roast is in the oven and I'm considering a rare treat for tonight - a pudding!

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