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Friday, 10 July 2009

Thistle Do - (get it?)

I'm back. Rested and recuperated, and only the occasional lung bursting cough to remind me of last week's horrendous cold. It didn't stop the work, although if I'd been working for someone else ie a "proper job" I'd certainly have had a couple of days of magazines and daytime TV in bed. It doesn't work that way when you're self employed though.
Anyway, enough of my moans.
Today's collection of random pics are to celebrate the noble Scottish thistle. Mainly because there's a cracking specimen growing where it shouldn't just outside the workshop. It'll have to be dug up but I'll leave it till the flowers are past ( top pic).
That got me looking around the shop at all the other examples of thistles on display. So from the top..
Wee Reminder Plaque and Thistle soaps.....
Just a wee note card......
Thistles embroidered on a cloth....
And finally a thistle wine glass slipper.
Tomorrow's random selection will be hearts - and there are loads.

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