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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Laburnum RIP

This view of our garden is now changed forever. Our favourite laburnum tree was chopped down yesterday - the poor thing had died and this display of blossom was probably going to be its last.
It was a sad day because it had brightened up our mornings for all the years we've stayed here, at least in early summer anyway.
The sunny yellow lit up our bedroom even if it was a dull day and it was always buzzing with honey bees.
And like all the irises in the garden, it burst into flower every year precisely on Laura's birthday -June 6th.
In winter it also brightened things up because it was draped with twinkly fairy lights, and it served a useful purpose too as one end of my washing line.
It's still going to be useful though, as we now have a good pile of logs to burn on cold nights.
I don't think we'll have another one as the other trees in the garden are taking over, so I'm just enjoying the bigger patch of sky that can be seen from the recliner now - well when it's not raining.

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  1. Hello Marion..thanks for visiting my blog..I enjoyed reading yours. So sorry about you tree ;-( Your cards are great!



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