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Friday, 17 July 2009

Wet wet wet

I'm just winding down with Leonard (Cohen that is) after loading up the van for tomorrow's Street Fair. It's not a fun job in the rain - everything having to be covered up for the few feet from the workshop to the van but the rain managing to get in the smallest spaces.
Anyway it's done now and I'm feeling slightly guilty that that's my job done.
My other half is the one actually going to Perth tomorrow while I stay home and keep the shop open.
Normally I wouldn't feel the slightest bit of guilt, but I have also passed my horrible cold on to him, poor soul, and he's going to spending a wet ( probably) day outdoors.
I'm so cruel.
I should really volunteer to go instead - I should....really. Really I should. But.......
I have got a pile of shop orders waiting to be made up as well as a handful of website orders. So I'll have a nice hot meal ready for him coming home and some lemsip and sympathy and hopefully the fresh air will help his blocked up nose!
So, back to Leonard.

1 comment:

  1. You're very good to your other half - enjoy Leonard Cohen :) It's very, very wet here today too!



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