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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Perth - It rained

Quick update - just home, and yes dear readers I wasn't as cruel as I made out yesterday.
Bob was up and away before I woke up this morning, but phoned at 10 and sounded really bad with his cold poor thing. He'd had a nosebleed too.
So I jumped in the car and went up to Perth to bale him out. He was surprised but glad to see me I think.
It was raining but there was no wind thankfully. Rain and wind at a Street Fair are very bad news.
And it dried up at 2 so we had a few hours of nice weather.
All in all a reasonable day's sales, and Bob managed an hour or two hiding in Wetherspoons watching the golf and nursing his cold.
And I managed an hour or two shopping and came home with a new shirt! So everyone was happy - unless there were some disappointed customers at the workshop.
Oh well - one has to look after one's old man, doesn't one!

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