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Thursday, 30 July 2009

It Was 33 Years Ago Today

What were you doing 33 years ago today? Well some of you may not have even been born, but I was 22 and in the process of tying the knot with my 25 year old ( and hairy) boyfriend.
So all these years down the line here we are, still Mr and Mrs and business partners too. One of us deserves a medal but it would cause an argument to decide who!
Now why have I stuck on an embarrassing 1970's wedding photo?
Well the story is this...
Not wanting to be a conventional bride ( I was an art student, and poor) I chose a blue patterned Laura Ashley dress costing all of £9.99.
It had a very full long skirt so there were yards and yards of material there.
I was very much into patchwork and quilting so after a decent interval of a couple of weeks after the wedding - we went to Arran for our honeymoon - I started hacking up the dress for a quilt I was making. The quilt's still around but I don't have a photo as it's now my daughter's.
Anyway six years after the wedding, here is Laura aged two in her first party dress and yes, it's the wedding dress. Even the sleeves were just adapted from my sleeves.
I remember it was a pretty complicated pattern to follow with the square yoke, but I was really pleased with the result.
Over the years what was left of the dress became a bedroom lampshade, part of a patchwork quilt for my son's cot and has appeared in many many patchwork cards.
When Laura got married three years ago, she had a lovely ivory dress, but unknown to her at the time, walked down the aisle with two tiny hearts made out of my dress appliqued inside the hem - something old and something blue.
The fabric seemed to go on and on.
Until now.
Just recently I was rummaging in a box of fabric offcuts to make some baby boy cards, blue of course, and came across this scrap. All that's left of my wedding dress.
Barbara refused to let me use it for cards and said I should make myself a keepsake - a padded heart or some such.
And I will, some day.
So we're off out for a meal to celebrate/commiserate our 33 years together and here's to the next 33.


  1. Congratulations Marion, this is fun to see the old photo9s, I will post ours at the end of Sept, for everyone to have a laugh. Don't know about you though it is not until you look at the wedding photos and think good grief I was young.

  2. Congratulations both of you on your anniversary. My, my, did you have your money's worth out of that dress!! And to think what brides today pay for thier dresses and what happens to them afterwards! Good for you I say :o) Best wishes to you both for the next 33 years!!! :o)

  3. lovely story Marion. it was 33years for me on the 5th of July, but sadly my dress is stuffed in a box in the attic. Hope you had a lovely day
    (just) sally (craft forum)

  4. Oh how lovely, I was only 6 years old! and I just love the hair styles, and peach! i remember my mum had a great (knocked off!) suit from harrods in peach, ah those were the days........... CONGRATUATIONS. I got married for the first time this year at a ripe old age of 38, so my goal is to get to the 33 year mark :-)

  5. Congratulations Marion - 33 years and still going strong! An inspiration for us all.

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